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IDEAS that Work!California Department of Education, Special Education Division’s special project, California Services for Technical Assistance and Training (CalSTAT) is funded through a contract with the Napa County Office of Education. CalSTAT is partially funded from federal funds, State Grants #H027A080116A. Additional federal funds are provided from a federal competitively awarded State Personnel Development Grant to California (#H323A070011) provided from the U.S. Department of Education Part D of the Individuals with Disabilities Education act (IDEA). Opinions expressed herein are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the position of the U. S. Department of Education.

TED Funding Sources, Topics, & Roles Worksheet

Funding Sources

List here the Names of the Funding Sources, Grants, or Programs you want to add into TED. Later, when you enter events into TED, you’ll select a Funding Source for each event, which will enable you to generate Summary Reports specific to these Funding Sources over time. You can enter as many Funding Sources as you wish into TED, as you go along.

  1. [...answer here...]
  2. [...answer here...]
  3. [...answer here...]
  4. [...answer here...]
  5. [...answer here...]

Topic Areas

You can list up to 13 Topic Areas in TED. We’ve listed TED’s default Topic Areas below. Choose only those default Topic Areas relevant to your organization’s work, then add in customized Topic Areas to cover the rest of your work. Each time you set up a new event in TED, you’ll enter which Topic Areas it covers. Then, in the Summary Reports, you’ll be able to see what events were offered, and who from which organizations has attended trainings, in which Topic Areas. Once you set your list of 13 Topic Areas, you need to keep them the same from then on. Try to leave a couple of open spots for topics that emerge over time.

13 Topics Your Site's Topic Areas (blank) TED's Default Topic Areas
1) [...answer here...] Alternate Dispute Resolution
2) [...answer here...] Auditory
3) [...answer here...] Autism
4) [...answer here...] Family and Professional Partnerships
5) [...answer here...] Individuals with Disabilities Education Act
6) [...answer here...] Least Restrictive Environment
7) [...answer here...] Mathematics
8) [...answer here...] Other Core Standards
9) [...answer here...] Positive Behavioral Supports/Safe Schools
10) [...answer here...] Reading/Language Arts
11) [...answer here...] Special and General Ed Collaboration
12) [...answer here...] Transition
13) [...answer here...] RTI


You can list up to 9 Primary Roles in TED. We’ve listed TED’s 7 default Primary Roles below. There is room for you to add in two other Primary Roles that might be important in your work. Each time you set up a new person in TED, you’ll enter their role. Then, in the Summary Reports, you’ll be able to see the Roles of those you are serving. You’ll also be able to send out emails to those from specific roles in promoting your events.

Another group of Roles in TED are those of Other Certificated Professionals (OCP). You can add in as many OCP Roles as you wish. They will all be summarized in the reports under the role of Other Certificated Professionals. But, you will still be able to select and send emails to people from these individual OCP roles as needed.

9 Primary Roles Your Site's Primary Roles (blank) TED's Default Primary Roles
1)   Teacher – Special Education
2)   Teacher – General Education
3)   Administrator – Special Education
4)   Administrator – General Education
5)   Paraprofessional
6)   Parent / Family
7)   Program Specialist
8)   open
9)   open
Unlimited Your Site's OCP Roles (blank) TED's Default OCP Roles
1)   Speech and Language Pathologist
2)   Psychologist
3)   Reading Specialist
4)   Adaptive PE
5)   Occupational Therapist
6)   Nurse
7)   Program Specialist
8)   CDE
9)   open, as many as you wish

Before actively using TED, it’s important to make these decisions. Then enter your Topics and Roles under TED’s Administration Menu – View/Edit Profile section. They’ll show up in Topics and Roles drop-­‐down menus in TED. Add your Funding Sources directly into the main TED window Funding Source drop-­‐down menu as you need them.


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