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IDEAS that Work!California Department of Education, Special Education Division’s special project, California Services for Technical Assistance and Training (CalSTAT) is funded through a contract with the Napa County Office of Education. CalSTAT is partially funded from federal funds, State Grants #H027A080116A. Additional federal funds are provided from a federal competitively awarded State Personnel Development Grant to California (#H323A070011) provided from the U.S. Department of Education Part D of the Individuals with Disabilities Education act (IDEA). Opinions expressed herein are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the position of the U. S. Department of Education.

Let’s Begin  ~  So, You’ve Adopted TED 

TED is a Training Events Database that will help you keep track of Professional Development Training Events and the People who participate in those events. And, TED can easily generate Automated Summary Reports. 

This is what TED looks like on your computer. 

TED is a customized FileMaker Pro database that operates on your individual computer and can even connect with your organization’s network or server, so that several people can be working with TED at the same time.

Show TED interface

In TED, with the click of a button, you can generate (show items):

Name tags,

sheets,

Event Evaluation Summary Reports

and more...

Let me show you around...


This Top section in blue contains the info about the Event itself. (Highlight blue section)

Each event your org puts on will be entered into TED. 

There is ALWAYS an event showing,

Everything you do is related to the CURRENT event showing.    

So, on these Green & Blue Tabs all the information about Participants, Presenters, Evaluations, Reports & Topics

will be connected to the event that’s showing in TED.

(Mouse highlight lightly, clicking thru the tabs)

You’re always close to home.

This main window in TED is where the action is.


Now, to find & bring up an Event that you want to work with

Click up here on this Events button to see a List of All your Events            (Highlight with mouse)

The most recent events will be at the top of the list

You can also search by the Date, or Name of the Event

(do a search to get a subset)

Click View or even the Event Name & it will take you to that event in the Main TED window. (select an event, pre-decide on one)

This Rolodex up here will also show your “found set of events” from your search, the 7 out of the 193 in TED, which you can click through like this. (Show flipping through events)

Anytime you want to get back to all the TED events, just click the Show All button (do it)


There are participants in your events.

The Participants Tab will show you who is registered for a particular Event. (show highlighted this section of tab)

The People button up here, is where you go to access a List of all the people who are in your entire TED database.

The List is alphabetical

And, you can also search by Name, or Name of a School / Org

(do a search to get a subset)

This is also where you go to Register people for an event.

Will show Event Name in yellow  (highlight with mouse)

Click button to Register someone.

If there is a cost for the event, this Payment Pop-up box will appear when you register someone, so you can fill in their payment details.


Just as each Event has it’s own Page, each Person has their own Page too. As once you’ve entered a Person into TED, they stay in TED forevermore.

This page holds all the details of the Person, including most importantly:

Their Email address and Role

The School / org they’re a part of

And the Events they’ve attended

Great if ever need documentation of training or a

certificate of completion, right here to make pdf & send

(show indiv page, make someone up)

On the Participants Tab is where you’ll see the name appear of the person you registered for this event.

Participants Tab button functions

The buttons on this Participants tab are so useful for everything related to the people who are registered for this event, giving you access to:

emails of the people registered,

printing name tags for the event,

certificates, sign-in sheets...  


Global Emails Button

Up here is where you can access the Email or Mailing Addresses of ALL the People in TED, not just those registered for a particular event.

This is really useful for promoting training events to People in certain Roles such as Administrators.


Presenters Tab

The other People-related place is

On the Presenter’s Tab, from here you can enter the Presenters for an event into TED

You can also search the List to see who you’ve had present on a topic in the past,

Or even, look at an individual Presenter’s page whether they’ve got a W9 form on file, or which events they’ve presented in the past. Show an Indiv page then click to the main window

So, those are the main ways you work with Events & People in TED


Automated Summary Reports

Automated Reports are one of the main amazing TED features to help you learn what went on with the people at your training events.


Evaluations Tab

So here, under the Evaluations Tab, you’ll find the end of event evaluation form to print out for each event, pre-populated with the details of the event. Show the form

Then this tab in TED is where you come back and enter the data from the completed evaluations following the event, with just a few clicks for the ratings and role. You can also choose to type in the relevant written comments.

Reports Tab

Once you’ve entered that data, you come here to the Reports Tab, and here on the far left are the buttons for generating reports on the Current Event (whichever event is showing in the Main TED window).

Clicking the Event Summary button will generate a 2-pg report on that event; showing the roles of those registered in this pie chart, so you can see who you are serving, as well as the end of event evaluation ratings of learning and usefulness. Just click on the rolodex up here to see even more detail on page 2. Show the report.

To Print this report (or to get back to the Main TED window), because this window won't close in the regular way. Click this brightly shining Blue Button that says Continue. It gives you the choice of Cancelling to go back to TED, Making the report into a pdf (which is great for emailing a copy to the presenter), or Printing the report.

Clicking this middle button on the Reports tab, will give you the choice of four different reports that summarize multiple events. And, you can select events from a certain date range, or even funding source, Or to focus on those given by a specific presenter. If you leave these boxes blank, the report will just draw from all the events in TED.

One of the most popular reports is the Events Listed by Topic report, which looks like this: Show Report

Clicking on the far right Button on the Reports tab will give you the choice of several different reports that summarize the number of people from specific organizations, schools, or districts who have attended trainings in the main topic areas. Show a district report

Or even the names of the people from a certain school and each of the trainings they have attended, by topic  Show a Detail report

These are very useful reports to have in meeting with administrators to help them make sure they are getting the right people to the trainings, especially those in the topic areas where their school is struggling.


So, that’s TED!

Pretty easy to use.


Now that you’ve started getting to know TED, there are THREE things you need to do as an organization to be ready to hit the ground running when TED arrives…

They are, decide on the Funding Sources, Topics, and Roles that your organization is going to use in TED.

These are so important, that we’ve made a movie about them

Watch it next…


Show closing credits


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